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SAVE YOUR FOOD campaign calls for stronger partnership among municipalities on food banking

As part of the SAVE YOUR FOOD campaign, the workshop will present recommendations to policy-makers to encourage and facilitate food recovery and redistribution.

Innovation Awards: Plant-based innovation takes centre stage

At Fi Europe CONNECT 2020, show organiser Informa Markets announced the winners of the Fi Europe Innovation Awards and the Startup Innovation Challenge for their groundbreaking offerings during virtual award ceremonies held on 1 December and 2 December. Plant-based and alternative ingredients took centre stage in both awards, with winners presenting solutions for healthier plant proteins, fungal-derived food colorants and edible coatings for fruit and vegetables, among many other cutting-edge innovations.

Survey Leading into National Stress Awareness Month Reveals How Americans De-Stress

Most Americans Choose Distraction in the Form of TV, Movies, Socializing and Snacking When Confronted with Stressful Situations.

Uzbekistan sets sights on new forest monitoring system

With its moves in support of sustainable forest management in the country, Uzbekistan this week is taking another step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Conflicts and weather patterns strain food security

High levels of food insecurity persist in the world, due largely to conflicts and to adverse climatic shocks that are taking a toll, particularly in East African and Near East countries, where large numbers of people continue to be in need of humanitarian assistance, a new FAO report notes.

India vies with China for the title of world’s biggest packaged tea market

While the story of tea begins in China, India took the top spot as the global leader in volume sales of packaged tea last year, with the two countries regularly vying for the number one position, according to the latest Mintel research.

The War on Cancer Has Failed

Cornell Scientist Shows the Link Between Diet and Disease Has Been Ignored.

Cargill and ARASCO Open Corn Milling Facility for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Through a joint venture between Cargill and ARASCO, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has a new corn milling facility to meet the growing demand of the region's food and beverage industry. The Middle East Food Solutions Company (MEFSCO Corn Milling Facility), inaugurated today in Al-Kharj, is Cargill's first investment in KSA.

Pace of Food & Beverage Industry Innovation Will Quicken in 2018

The food market will experience rapid evolution in 2018, according to sector experts at MSL. A broad array of technological innovations will make it easier to acquire and consume foods and beverages tailored to our specific food needs, speeds and philosophies.

New system addresses dangerously slow FDA food recall procedures and CDC tracking

Despite recent attempts to improve the food recall process, there is still an inherent gap existing between FDA food recall warnings and the removal of unsafe products from stores. According to a report by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the timeline of this process can take up to 10 months. This is not in the best interest of the consumer and the OIG attributes this to a lack of sufficient policies and procedures to ensure prompt voluntary food recalls.

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