How Can You Achieve a Successful Career? Lessons!

Yusuf Tokdemir / [email protected]

Look at your around. Increasing changes in technology, products, services and culture are creating new opportunities and threats for people in their professional life. This means that people should manage their life and career, according to the long-term innovative strategies.

I had a workshop about “Innovation Management and Productivity” for some people in a company last year, many of them asked me a question;  What should we do to create  a successful career in our professional life? It is clear that there are many unknowns for them.

I believe that a person can turn her/his dreams and aspirations into reality.

I know that career management requires hard work and careful planning, quality networking and friendship, being in the right place at the right time, loyalty to yourself and all those depending upon you, cooperation, enthusiasm, knowing your unique value proposition and how to use it and finally a personal commitment to lead and invest in your career the right way to achieve a competitive greatness.

There are fifteen important guidelines for a truly effective career success:

  • Accept your crucial role in achieving career success.
  • Develop your long-term career strategy and vision, build your team with effective talents, create your career innovation plan, navigate your journey to achieve your dream career.
  • Find truly effective mentors who have excellent experience, knowledge and skills that added value to the companies and work with them.
  • Create your personal brand, market it as a “product” and “package” that can create a commercial value to the companies.
  • Create a strategic network.
  • Know who the good sponsors are and back them up on contentious issues.
  • Raise your hand for exposure great opportunities and show the effective sponsors in action and experience the quality of work you can deliver to them.
  • Be always great performer. Make your achievements visible to your leaders. Share your clear career goals with your leaders, sponsors and mentors
  • Invest your time to achieve your strategic long-term goals.
  • Create candor effect in your organization, pay attention to the people and achieve organizational alignment.
  • Develop and implement a long-term innovation and marketing business plan for you and your business.
  • Benchmark yourself.
  • Manage effectively your financial life for today and tomorrow.
  • Make generosity a part of your life; it comes back to you in time.
  • Know and live by a set of personal ethics that you will not compromise even if it costs you everything (becasue they will be tested). You will appreciate that being true to your beliefs is much more important than transitory and short-term gains.


Apply these guidelines. Make it happen and turn your career dreams into a track record of success!


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