Are You Diseased by Internal Politics? Lessons!


I know that many organizations are diseased by internal politics and this situation creates poor engagement, poor safety, low quality, poor productivity, poor growth, poor profitability, high turnover, higher costs, poor investment, poor customer loyalty, poor sustainability and poor innovation capability.

The absence of secure trusting relationship creates negative feelings about people and they start to see others as enemies.

The final result will be destruction and failure of the business in the long-term.

The diseases of internal politics can be seen as;

  • Failure to pursue integrity within an organization
  • Creating destructive internal politics.
  • Absence of secure trusting relationships.
  • Percept others as enemies.
  • Poisoning others for surviving.
  • Diffusion of warring inner circles and informal lobbying systems.
  • Words are important than action.
  • Actions are important than achievements.
  • Unprincipled leadership who supports certain groups.
  • Poor leadership who is unaware of political manoeuvres
  • Poor leadership who likes and supports conforming behaviours and opinions to his or her view and actions.
  • Development of lipservice mechanism and shortage of counterargument.
  • Yes-boss ingratiation.
  • Muck-spreading indirect criticism.
  • Nobody takes any risks.
  • Total lack of tolerance.
  • Criticism as an instrument of internal politics.
  • People are too busy and watch their backs.
  • Pinning culture that pins an issue to the person closest to the problem.
  • Too much scapegoating in the organization.
  • Poor leaders who don’t take responsibility and push blame downwards.
  • No payment for accountability, high performance and engagement.
  • Hiring continuously poor people to the organization due to the poor leadership in HR and organization.
  • Leaders, managers and people spend their energies and times in gossip and back-biting.

Do these today!

  • Internal politics are the antithesis of integrity and credibility.
  • Internal politics damage a business in the long-term.
  • If necessary,, take a support from a well-experienced and skilled senior expert with excellent know-how and work with the right leaders, managers and employees.
  • Remove negative leaders, managers and employees of the organization.
  • Improve your search, select and hiring system.
  • Reconfigure your operations through effective lean management.
  • Create a calm air of excitement for everyone.
  • Empower your people by the effective dissemination of vital information.
  • Direct people’s attention to achieving the vision of success to which they are all committed to the organization health.


If you eliminate internal politics from your organization; the result will be higher employee engagement, productivity, lower cost, higher growth and profitability, excellence in innovation capability and customer loyalty.

Make your decision today! Develop and implement a plan and apply it!


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