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Innovation Awards: Plant-based innovation takes centre stage

At Fi Europe CONNECT 2020, show organiser Informa Markets announced the winners of the Fi Europe Innovation Awards and the Startup Innovation Challenge for their groundbreaking offerings during virtual award ceremonies held on 1 December and 2 December. Plant-based and alternative ingredients took centre stage in both awards, with winners presenting solutions for healthier plant proteins, fungal-derived food colorants and edible coatings for fruit and vegetables, among many other cutting-edge innovations.

Pace of Food & Beverage Industry Innovation Will Quicken in 2018

The food market will experience rapid evolution in 2018, according to sector experts at MSL. A broad array of technological innovations will make it easier to acquire and consume foods and beverages tailored to our specific food needs, speeds and philosophies.

The Six Essentials of Innovation Act Today

I have to say that smart innovators can cycle from observation to action faster than their competitors. How can you complete cycles of innovation faster than your competitors?

G20 to support low-income countries to participate in global value chains

G20 economies vowed to support low-income countries (LICs) to participate more in global value chains (GVCs) to drive global trade growth, said a statement released Sunday after the two-day G20 Trade Ministers Meeting in Shanghai.
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