Prime Minister Binali Yildirim

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced that the huge investment package. When implementing reforms at the level of innovation in the stamp tax, starting the mobilization of savings in the public sector.

The Prime Minister Binali was in front of the cameras after the Council of Ministers at Cankaya Palace. Prime Minister explained the huge investment package article by article.

“Our first priority is investment,” said Prime Minister Yildirim about the incentives package, and added “Those who have the benefits; operating in the agricultural sector, pensioners, workers, artisans, tourists Society creates a significant economic touches to all stakeholders a measure.”

Facility for investors

Prime Minister Yildirim, said they made changes to the reforms on the level of stamp duty.

“It used to be asked as a document of 10 copies from investors. And investors would pay a tax stamp for each copy. We remove it, and we’re reducing just one. Those that belong to the private pension system and the technology investors will be free from the stamp duty. We bring exemption to corporates which international companies. will be encouraged throughout the property tax buildings and land from investors. The terror victim’s social security contributions will be postponed for a year.”

Facility for who have money abroad

In case of bringing the money and property from abroad to Turkey “Go get possessions, you put the economy the money you contribute to production. But there’s one condition, not launder and drug money,” he said.

Government savings campaign

Prime Minister Yildirim also announced that they will start saving from the public. Yildirim, “except for wages of employees and investments, we are launching public savings mobilization in all areas. Our ministers are working on it. They begin their preparations already. This will be an important campaign,” he said.

Prime Minister Yıldırım also Commented about the agenda, before announcing the package, he said, it has begun the normalization of relations with Russia and Israel.

“We’re going back to the old days with Russia, the normalization process already started. From Mersin 11 thousand tons of aid arrived to Gaza. The second step is related to the energy and infrastructure. After the feast it will be implemented. Another important part is tourism. As you know another issue is associated with Russia. Terrorist acts effected negatively tourism but 9 day holiday stepped up the rate of 90 percent in tourist zone. This is just provisional step; we are making preparations for 2017. “


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