The Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) established by the Informatics laboratory of Ankara’s Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) made public the ranking of Turkey’s best universities.

The criteria taken in account are such as the number of published articles, the number of citations, the number of scientific documents, the number of PhD graduates and students.

Among the 130 Turkish universities considered by URAP ranking, ODTÜ is first with  736,84 points. Ankara’s Hacettepe University follows with 700,86 points and İstanbul University is third with 695,64 points.

The rest of the ranking is as following:

  1. Ankara University (680,18 points),
  1. Bilkent University (663,51 points),
  1. Gazi University (656,17 points),
  1. Ege University (644,31 points)
  1. İstanbul Teknik University (639,76 points),
  1. Sabancı University (637,80 points),
  1. Gebze Teknik University (636,10 points)

According to URAP again, 18 Turkish universities were among the best 1000 World Universities last year and 76 among the best 2000.


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