Don’t Frustrate Your Employees!


Don’t inject a mechanistic process!

When I was in a company, I saw that they prepared a lot of documents with the rules and regulations that must be read and applied during the operations. They were complex. The top management had complaints about the people. I saw that they injected a mechanistic process, boredom and drudgery. I know that everything should be clear, open, practical and simple to apply.

Don’t create a process of bureaucracy!

Many leaders and managers are preparing a lot of manuals, procedures, policies and notices to achieve success through more controls. I know that this will be exercised as a process of bureaucracy and this management style will serve only to constrain and limit the freedom of people’s creativity, commitment and productivity in the long-term.

Do you perceive inspiration as a threat?

Please note that without inspiration, leaders become administrators and controllers. Some leaders perceive excitement, passion and inspiration as a threat with the potential to unleash human forces they cannot control and they fear.

Do you aim short-term success?

Of course, short-term success can be achieved by logic and analysis. But long-term success can only be achieved by inspirational leaders who excite their people with major goals and challenges.

How do you stimulate your people?

I always believe that inspiration is a process to stimulate people, giving them total energy such as emotional, intellectual and physical. This process will provide better engagement, commitment, greater levels of performance and success.

Do you have organizational constraints?

Of course, organization constraints exist everywhere. In fact an organization without constraint would be an organization verging on anarchy and problems. Some leaders hide behind these constraints, blame them, use them as an excuse for non-achievement in the organization. Truly effective leaders make things happen whatever the level of constraints. So that people can achieve what others consider impossible. Please note that their energy, their dedication, their commitment, their belief becomes infectious.

Are you ready to remove all of the dreary frustrating mechanisms of management?

I always believe that inspiration is the process of shedding these constraints and discovering the energy to seize and realize opportunity to achieve a high performance organization. Therefore, leaders have to develop and implement strategic goals in clear, simple terms that must have a personal meaning, recognize, inspire and care their people. They have to rise above all of the dreary frustrating mechanisms of management if they want to achieve high engagement, productivity and customer loyalty.

Make your decision and take action today!


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