20 Ways to Become a Better Leader


I have visited more than 50 Agri/Food manufacturing companies last weeks.

I had the opportunity to talk with the presidents, CEOs and MDs of the companies. It was a pleasure to see that majority of them are trying to establish long-term marketing and innovation strategy to achieve a competitive growth. They follow the global and domestic competitors, new technologies, new product developments, new services and customer needs. Of course, they know what functions they have to improve.

After having such a good experience and according to my intensive know-how in the Agri/Food manufacturing operations, quality and R&D, supply chain management and business start up, I believe that a leader has to perform these 20 awesome tips to take her/his leadership from good to great.

  1. Make regularly competitive intelligence and sector analysis. Improve the vision statement systematically according to the local and global changes in the market, technology, services, regulatory environment and customer demands.
  2. Develop and maintain an engaged, trained and developed, adaptable, skilled and satisfied workforce.
  3. Explain the context and the vision to the organization. So that people know what it is, what it means and its importance for them.
  4. Making people believe the vision is achievable.
  5. Business strategy and vision should reinforce each other. The vision should generate competitive engagement and commitment.
  6. Take suitable actions that people support the vision and use it as their guide in their actions.
  7. Define the principal milestones that need to be taken to help people move towards the vision.
  8. Deliver services at a high level that meets the company’s needs. Build an organization that builds opportunity and spirit in a quality and innovative environment and its vision challenges the people to always strive for excellence in customer loyalty.
  9. Encapsulate the vision through four key directions; shape the future, sustain your environment, grow your business and competitive success.
  10. Achieve a financially sustainable organization.
  11. Provide a safe working environment.
  12. Provide excellent customer service.
  13. Ensure truly effective leadership.
  14. Apply appropriate and competitive technology and information systems that enhance service delivery.
  15. Develop and implement better planning, business and resource management, processes to support excellence in business and customer loyalty.
  16. Lead the people by example, provide clear direction, build organizational alignment, organizational agility and operational excellence and focus on sustainable achievement of goals.
  17. Understand what customers and market value, now and into the future and use this to drive organizational design, strategy, products, services and if necessary for healthy disengagement on time.
  18. Systematically and continually improve the system. Develop agility, adaptability and responsiveness based on a culture of continual reconfiguration, effective lean and process management , innovation and learning management.
  19. Behave in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  20. Focus on sustainable transient competitive advantages, customer values and competitive outcomes.


Be innovative and progressive as you strive to achieve your vision.  This will be achieved by commitment to; encouraging best practice, being creative and allowing acceptable risk-taking in your business operations. So that you will create transient competitive advantages, competitive productivity, low cost, high growth and profitability and excellence in customer loyalty.

Make your decision and take action today!



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